innovation is not enough

As with porn, it seems that spamming (marketers) are on the cutting edge of technology and uses thereof. Just as the pr0n industry were early adopters of Beta video and at one time were one of the only industries making money on the back of our beloved infrastructure, today we find innovative spammers pushing the envelope (and our patience!).

PayPerPost comes to mind. (from the web site) “Get paid for blogging. Write about websites, products, services”. I wonder if bloggers get paid for bad reviews? Talk about conflict of interest.

Coincident with the above PPP discovery, my wife and I were researching elliptical cross-trainer. In particular we were interested in reviews of the Iron*Man ET30. A google search revealed a number of the usual suspects (fake review sites, without any reviews but aggregated prices - can you read affiliate?).

And this one….

Sinking one rung lower than PayPerPost, this effort doesn’t even involve humans, and upon first glance looks reasonably ‘human’.

But upon closer inspection we see what can only be computer generated output - text that includes all the key-words for my search criteria, and back fills with text that approximates english.

Jeff said…

I like the first site
2006 Oct 18 20:15

Margaret said…

Very good links. Thanx
2006 Oct 14 03:53

2006 Sep 23 06:29

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It seems where there is opportunity, innovators will engage; where some will rise others will sink to the occasion.

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